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Your Environment: Why it’s so Important and 6 Tips to Improve it.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

It's finally getting warmer where I live, and I can safely say spring has finally arrived! The new weather, my recent move, and some recent conversations with a couple of clients, has me thinking of the importance of a good environment, both inner and outer.

As for outer, perhaps we paid less attention to our external surroundings before the pandemic, however, with a lot more people working remotely or being housebound, this past year, people are placing greater importance on it. It’s no wonder many people are doing renovations and making their homes and yards more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It makes sense that people want to feel good in a space they spend a lot of time in.

This brings me to our inner environment, it’s also important that we feel good about ourselves as we spend a lot of time with ourselves (consciously or unconsciously). It's been said that your outer environment is a reflection of your inner environment and vice versa. Is it possible that your cluttered desk is a reflection of your cluttered or distracted mind? Do you feel good about your environment? If not, why not? Identify what is keeping you from feeling good about your environment and take action.

Here are some things you can do to help you along the way:

Outer environment

  • Spruce it up. Buy some fresh flowers or a new piece of artwork that will uplift you.

  • Tackle a dissatisfying area in your home or yard and see how you feel once it’s done.

  • Purge, get rid of things that you no longer use, and create space for other things to come in.

Inner environment

  • Find a professional like a therapist or coach to help clear your inner and outer clutter.

  • Journal it out.

  • Create a self-care routine like going for walks in the morning and taking baths at night.

Our environments tend to reflect our needs and values. It's great to get clear on what’s important to you and nurture that through them. One of my clients inspired me when he set a new year’s goal for creating great inner experiences. When we think of experiences, we tend to think of external goals. After doing some work together, he decided he wanted to experience more ease and calm in his life. He is now seeking the external environment that will match these needs. Another client found out, after a major move, that she values a warmer climate and does not resonate with four seasons.

This said we do not always have control of our external environments; however, we can control our response to these situations (an inner locus of control). For instance, there may be toxicity in your workplace environment and, if there is no room for improvement, it may be time to move on.

I often see that people underestimate the importance of their environments, they take their surrounding for granted or get accustomed to them. Many people don’t realize the powerful effect it has on us. Think of the parent who had a bad day at work and takes it out on their kids. Inner and outer environments are created by the people in them too. For example, the influence of friends, family, colleagues, etc.

I'm highly sensitive to certain things in my environment e.g., people, light, sound, smells, etc. I am super grateful that I work from home and I have a bit more control of my environment. I say "a bit" because I have a 14-month-old and a puppy, which are a wild card on any given day. :) Thankfully I know this about myself and I can make the desired adjustments. I hope after reading this you are inspired to make the adjustments you desire to make your environment more enjoyable. Making shifts in your (inner/outer) environment can shift other things in your life. I have seen this firsthand.

Based on what you read, what is one thing you would like to do to feel good about your environment? Leave a comment or reply here.


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