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Revolutionize Your Career and Business with These AI Tools

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Today marks the one-year anniversary of OpenAI's ChatGPT (generative pre-trained transformer). Since ChatGPT's launch there's been many developments in the AI field including competitors to ChatGPT. For those open to AI (close to 'OpenAI'...pun unintended 🙂), this blog post will share some tools and resources you can use to help you develop your career, education, or business. I'll also share some of the latest news regarding OpenAI that could have larger implications for us all.

Before I get to this, however, let me address the different perceptions of artificial intelligence. Some people are for AI and others are not. Some see AI/LLMs (Large Language Models) as models to complement human abilities and knowledge in future human-machine collaboration whereas others see them as just a big plagiarizing tool or harmful to humanity if unchecked. Whatever your opinions about AI are, it seems it's here to stay and develop so the question is, "Will you accept and adapt to it or not?"

Now for the sharing. There's been a lot of innovation in one year's time. AI is being used in incredible ways to benefit health and education. Custom GPTs, within ChatGPT4 and without, are growing exponentially as well, for instance GPT4teachers, JesusAI, and FactGPT.

Here's a pie to show some of the more popular AI tools for marketing, design, writing, productivity, video, and even chatbots so far created by Awa K. Penn.

As you can see there's a lot to choose from and, of course, not all are created equally. Some are better at some things than others in their respective categories (not to say I've tested all but that I've heard or read about).

In terms of AI career tools, there's Kick Resume, Jobscan and ResumeA.I to optimize your resume, JobWizard and Sonara for job searching and Interview Igniter, and Interview Me AI for developing your interview skills. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There are career planning, matching and networking tools too. Some say a lot of the features such as optimizing a resume can be done on ChatGPT4 as well with the right prompts (information or instructions you give it).

If you're interested in finding more AI tools, try Supertools directory ( For the latest developments and news, visit The Rundown AI, TheAIGRID (YouTube) or AI Facebook groups such as ChatGPT & OpenAI or ChatGPT Ideas, Tips & Tricks. There are also a lot of online programs on how to use AI popping up and one I came across that looks decent is

If you're inspired by this post, and want to sign up for ChatGPT4, you'll have to wait. For about two weeks now, there have been no subscriptions immediately available. Due to high demand and wanting OpenAI services to work well for existing users, they have paused those wanting to join right now. You can join a waitlist instead.

Speaking of OpenAI, there's been a lot of change there in the past few weeks. I won't go into detail as there's a lot about this already in the news and other sources, however, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI was fired then rehired by OpenAI who now has practically a brand-new board. It's rumoured, the former board was warned about a breakthrough that could have serious repercussions before they fired Altman for not being “consistently candid” with them. It’s assumed the breakthrough is the performance of Q* (pronounced Q-Star), that was leaked, which apparently performs like artificial general intelligence (AGI) as opposed to narrow AI like our current experience of AI. In yesterday's article about this by The Verve, Altman didn't deny the leak calling it “unfortunate.”

This is important because if there was a breakthrough in AGI then there are a lot of safety and ethical concerns to consider. Some are questioning the choices for the mostly new OpenAI board so let's hope they stick to developing safe and responsible AI. This goes for any company working with, and developing, AI.

I hope this blog post helped you with new tools to learn AI or build your business or career with it. If you'd like further guidance with AI and your career, please apply for a Get Acquainted Call to see if I can help.


Ps. Here’s my earlier blog post on careers and AI called The Effect of AI on Certain Careers and What We Can Do About It if you're interested.

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