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6 Strategies for Career Clarity & Direction

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One of the worst feelings I felt was feeling stuck in my career. I knew I could find something else, so not completely stuck, but I didn’t just want to do something different just for the sake of it. I wanted to feel aligned and energized about my next step.


This is when I decided to figure out my new career late 2014 and arrived at life coach. Once I figured I wanted to be a coach, there was no looking back. I fully invested in my new career and have been a career and life coach for close to 9 years now.


For me there was no shame of changing careers, we grow and evolve and so do our values and preferences. I know some people can be at the same job or career all their working lives but that’s becoming less common as technology and self-awareness increase. We’re not the same people we were years ago, so to try to fit ourselves in outdated model of who we used to can be frustrating.


So, if you’re feeling stuck in your career too, here are some suggestions to help you out.


  • Step away if you can. It’s difficult to gain perspective when you’re still in the thick of things and spinning your wheels. I find clarity is easier to come by if you can take a pause, reflect, and reassess.

  • Reflect. Reflection is an important part of stepping away, however, if you cannot step away (even for a short time) then I suggest reflecting on your career by journaling it out, going for a walk or talking to someone about it. You can do these things if you step away as well.

  • Assess. Assess your values, preferences, skills/transferrable skills, and strengths. You can also assess what doesn’t work for you and go from there. If you’d like more on this, please check out my blog post on Career Compatibility.

  • Test. Once you’ve figured out what works for you and what doesn’t, if you’re able, test the career path. You can do this by conducting information interviews with professionals or entrepreneurs in the field, volunteering, getting a part-time job or creating a side gig. These experiences provide a hands-on experience that helps in making an informed decision about a career path.

  • Imagine. Sometimes not all can be figured out on an analytical level. Allow yourself to imagine what your ideal job or career would be and see if there is a fit between you and what you imagined.

  • Seek Guidance. Even if we try the above steps, it’s sometimes still difficult to seek the clarity you desire. In this case, it might be helpful to see someone like a life or career coach or counsellor. A skilled coach or counsellor can help you get clear and help you plan for achieving your new vision.

With all of this, I hope there are one or two things that help you become clear and unstuck with your next career step. It’s okay to change, especially if you’re growing and evolving to be a more authentic you.

If you feel you’d like further guidance with your career direction, please fill out my form for a Get Acquainted Call.




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