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8 Questions You Can Ask Yourself If You’re Dissatisfied at Work.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I recently had a call with a prospective client who told me he is "happy but not internally satisfied" regarding his work situation. At a first glance this may seem contradictory, but I got the sense of what he meant and even clarified it afterward.

He's happy to have his job and make a living doing what he is doing, but he feels he should be further than where he is at right now. He's grateful but would like more. He wants to explore his options having more time now to think about how he wants to spend his time, so he doesn't regret it later.

Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed, says “Discontent is the nagging of the imagination. Discontent is evidence that your imagination has not given up on you, it’s still pressing, swelling, trying to get your attention by whispering ‘not this.’”

I’ve definitely felt that nagging teaching at my last school. I love teaching and education but not in that form. Something was missing and I didn't know what it was until I took some time for myself and allowed it to reveal itself. Having said this, I'm fully aware this does not happen to everybody who wants to figure things out, hence me guiding others as a career and life coach. I believe there is something to be said, however, about connecting with yourself and leading with curiosity when experiencing dissatisfaction, whether through a coaching process or on your own.

Caroline Myss, spiritual and wellness book author, describes dissatisfaction as a sign that you betrayed yourself somehow. Deep down you know whatever you're dissatisfied about does not align with your beliefs, strengths, and values.

Martha Beck, who recently wrote The Way of Integrity agrees. She says, “Integrity is the cure for psychological suffering. Period.” She doesn’t mean integrity in the moralizing sense but intact or whole (the root of the word). When you steer from feeling whole or intact, psychological suffering or discontent occurs.

That being said, here are some questions you can ask yourself if you feel less than satisfied. These questions were inspired by, and formulated from, Caroline Myss’ SuperSoul Sunday interview with Oprah:

Are you in a position to betray yourself at your current job or career?

Do you feel like you are negotiating a sense of your integrity? If so, how?

Do you feel like you are compromising who you are? If so, how?

Is this position or career costing you your power?

Is this position or career costing you your psyche?

Is this position or career costing your soul?

Do you feel drained? Physically and psychologically?

Do you feel you are losing yourself? If so, how?

Yes, some deep questions but it's a great way to get to the heart of the matter (my coaching favourite) if you are truly dissatisfied.

If you answered them, any insights to these questions? Are you more in alignment than you thought or are there many discrepancies to address? If there are many discrepancies, how do you believe you can close the gaps and change your situation? Is that by changing your job or career, advancing where you are at or starting your own business? How can you feel more whole?

Becoming a coach was my answer, the more I aligned to my values and strengths, the more fulfilled I felt. I believe I will always be some type of coach because of this. If you are struggling with figuring things out on your own, I invite you to contact me to set up a complimentary call to see if I can help.


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