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How I Became a Coach

Having explored different paths, I know what it's like to experience career dissatisfaction firsthand. Before I became a career and life coach, I was a teacher. As a teacher, I didn't have a great work/life balance and often stayed late, or took work home, and felt stressed and exhausted. I also had a feeling that there was something missing. Ultimately, I did not feel fulfilled. Thankfully, I figured it out, made an exit strategy and now guide others to advance their careers, develop their business or find direction. 

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Client Testimonials

"Gorett has been my life coach for about 10 months now.  Before our sessions, I was really dissatisfied with my job and career, and feeling 'low energy' all the time.  Gorett helped me focus on my essential self, instead of my doing things that I thought others would want me to do.  Through this guided self-exploration, I relaunched my career, discovered my love of writing, learned to stand up for myself, and how to obtain and maintain focus.  I cannot recommend her more highly, especially for those who know that something is going wrong in their life, but don't know how to figure out what that is, or how to change it."

B. Keith | Toronto, ON


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