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        Gorett has been my life coach for about 10 months now.  Before our sessions, I was really dissatisfied with my job and career, and feeling 'low energy' all the time.  Gorett helped me focus on my essential self, instead of my doing things that I thought others would want me to do.  Through this guided self-exploration, I relaunched my career, discovered my love of writing, learned to stand up for myself, and how to obtain and maintain focus.  I cannot recommend her more highly, especially for those who know that something is going wrong in their life, but don't know how to figure out what that is, or how to change it.

B. Keith
Toronto, ON

It’s easy to think you’re in control and when you come across some difficulty, you believe that you can most times figure it all out. Well, I did! Then it became a recurring issue - why do I feel undervalued in my professional and personal life? What lesson do I need to learn? Then I met Gorett and in our first conversation I began to get it - this was unusual she had never met me before but here was a perfect stranger who understood what I was saying. I committed to her program/service the same day and as a result I’ve walked away three months later stronger, feeling more valued in my abilities and happier with me, my professional and personal life. I am grateful to Gorett for sharing her time, knowledge and expertise with me. I’m more empowered to recognize when situations are not my ‘business’

Maria M.
Toronto, ON

        Over the past 8 months Gorett has been my personal coach. At the time we began our sessions, I struggled to deal with my emotions and I was unable to achieve any sense of balance in my life between work, kids and the need for personal time. Gorett was patient, understanding and very professional; all of which allowed me to delve into my issues in a trusting environment. With Gorett’s coaching and life skills training, I am much more patient with myself, more mindful of what is positive in my life, and most importantly, I have gained an understanding of how to conquer challenges when they arise. Thanks to her I am happier, less stressed and mentally tougher than I have been in years.

Mississauga, ON

Gorett was my life coach for 3 months. I approached her because I found myself falling out of love with my side-hustle passion project despite success at the early stages. I wasn’t able to explain it. She helped me get honest and spotted my raw excitement in another field of interest; one which I was suppressing. I was able to break out of a year-long hesitation streak and jump back into creation. Her energy and passion are contagious! Throughout, she was a fantastic person to run ideas by. In every session, I could count on thoughtful questions that led to heightened self-awareness. I appreciate everything she did for me: the encouragement, the clarity, and the countless resources that were recommended. I highly recommend speaking to Gorett if you feel you’re not living up to your peak potential. She has a knack for helping others.

Toronto, ON

Gorett is amazing!  Her wise and intuitive energy coupled with her masterful coaching skills has definitely helped me get unstuck and change my mindset in both my personal and professional life.  I always feel clearer and empowered after our sessions.  As a new entrepreneur, her support and guidance has been invaluable in helping me get my business up and running.  On a personal level, she is kind, funny, and authentic. It has truly been a gift to work with her.  She is a remarkable woman and coach!

L. O'Hagan
Wilmington, NC

Gorett is a coaches’ coach. She has helped me to work through a number of tough, personal and career-related issues by helping me to make sense of my self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs. I call her whenever I find myself stuck in a rut and spinning my emotional wheels. I’ve experienced many transformative, Aha! moments during my sessions with Gorett. She’s an insightful, compassionate person and she’s Martha Beck Certified!

Helen S.
Toronto, ON

As my life coach, Gorett is just that: a coach for my life. A basketball coach will train and develop your skills to be a better player. Gorett will train and develop your skills to be your best self. She is thoughtful, insightful and intuitive. I trust her with my life.

C. Ng
Toronto, ON

Gorett facilitates sessions that guide me toward my truer self.  She uses a combination of compassion and education to open up more space for self-dialogue and greater heart potential (otherwise known as congruence).  Her love for her work (and her clients) is evident in her focus, ingenuity, interactive lines of questioning and her dedicated study of human behavior.  I love working with her because of her own authenticity.  She shines bright and her warmth and sense of humor are infectious.

C. Frederick
Toronto, ON

        Gorett helped me find out what's really important in my life. Her guidance helped me see that the most important things are also the things that bring me the most joy! When we started, she helped me see that there were things I could do to start living a more joyful life right away. Every little improvement showed me that it was possible, and gave me the courage and motivation to keep making ever better changes in my life. I turned around an unproductive habit. I have three new athletic hobbies, a more fulfilling career, and I'm giving back to a community who helped me discover my passion. If you feel like there could be more to life, but don't know how (or what!) to change, I'd absolutely recommend working

with Gorett!

Andy M.
Toronto, ON

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