About me

I'm Gorett Reis, a Certified Life Coach, Career Coach, and speaker, who has a knack for helping you get "to the heart of the matter."

I was trained and certified by Martha Beck Inc.

Dr. Martha Beck used to be Oprah's coach and is regarded as a top practitioner in our field, so I thought, “Who better to train me?" My clients range from actors to executives, who like me, and probably you too, have a desire not to waste another minute and take their career and life "by the reigns."


Career dissatisfaction?

I've been there too!

My clients have a desire not to waste another minute and take their career and life “by the reigns.”

I know career dissatisfaction firsthand. Before I became a career and life coach, I was a teacher. Other than the challenging work environment and the cultures of the different schools I taught at, I did not have a great work/life balance. I often stayed late or took work home and I felt down, stressed and fatigued. I had a feeling that there was something missing. I did not feel fulfilled. Thankfully, I figured it out, made an exit strategy and now guide others to advance their careers or find direction. 

My background

I have both a Master's degree in Adult Education and a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Toronto. I love living life to the fullest and being all that I can be, something I speak about. My signature talk is called, Living from the Inside Out: 3 Ways to go from Over to Inner Achiever In Your Career and Life. I speak and sponsor at various events and platforms, have traveled to over 30 countries, had group and solo art shows when I used to do art and continue to develop both personally and professionally.  

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